Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ode to Ricky Joe..

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A few years ago a dear coaching friend and accomplice of offensive football who mentored me in many ways (some good and some not so good!)passed away. His name was Rick Frazier and it is my hope and prayer that he is resting now with Our Lord. The former Cisco Jr. College (where I worked for him for two seasons) head man and also former boss of the Milwaukee Mustangs (Arena League) and Cisco High School (where he stepped down from CJC to coach his son Donnie). His claim to fame with me was that his first job was a head job at a small school nobody wanted to touch. THe place was Cumby, Texas, and the rest as they say is history. Here is a great story about that situation. I was also fortunate enough to befriend Coach Chuck Lawrence (now the head coach at Mineral Wells,Tx.). While coaching at Cisco I heard quite a few Cumby stories from Rick and Chuck. One of the funniest I recall is of the time when the Jr. High kids were showing up for their first workout and one kid showed up on the field in full gear plus a pair of cowboy boots. Hilarious! ANother I recall is their first year playing and they were getting beat pretty bad so Rick just started subbing defenders in each play without pulling a player off the field. When it got to a count of 15 players the flag finally came out! While at Cisco while defensive coordinator they played Snow College in a Bowl game. They could air it out big-time and so Rick was so flustered he could not get pressure or defend the pass that he dropped all 11 defenders. He said it looked classic on film to see all 11 defenders drop. THe bad news is that the QB still found a window and completed a pass!.After that game I believe he changed a lot philosophically.He went on to be very successful as defensive coordinator and head coach in the Arena Football League for Milwaukee. .Very great man and coach. HE always talked about being in the "KIDS" business in reference to being a coach and teacher and somewhere he still has my carbine rifle clip (from deer hunting trip) that was never returned. I'll get it later from you Ricky Joe!

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