Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I love me some GUS!!!!

Greg Wright got me started in trading football videos in 2006 with about 10 videos. We now have 600 dvds. Anyway, part of that original 10 were the Gus Malzahn set that he made when he was the head coach at Shiloh Christian High School in Arkansas. Gus is Mr. wildcat, but much more than that. He is now the OC at Auburn and a cult hero. Here is my Gus story. Greg & I have had many discussions about Gus. We were having one of these chats after a offseason workout inthe indoor facility. Former yellow jacket, Ryan Taylor, was hanging around. He was a soph at Tyler Junior College being recruited by many D1 schools. We walked out the door talking about Gus and BAM there he was. Shock, awe, reverence, whatever you want to call it, I had it. We didnt' get to talk to him that day but the seed was planted.

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  1. I will never forget it either because i called you a liar and said that IS NOT Gus Malzahn!...Sure enough the man was there right outside the door of the indoor..too bad only time for a quick handshake....Funny though..