Monday, September 21, 2015

Cowboys "D" Hats off and BTW Jerry maybe you could think about some Wildcat Series?

Lots to speculate on what JJ will do regarding the Q situation with Romo out at least 8 weeks(look Ma No Surgery)! But here is on old but good idea that has worked in league before and can continue to work especially for this cowboy laden with excellent is called the Wildcat and Darren Mac can even throw the pill a bit as well as get it downhill! Take a look.
McFadden Wildcat!

Ok that's one idea and now for huge KUDOS to Dallas D and Marinelli and Co. on the Staff!  Excellent planning by penetrating and replacing pulling Olinemen from Philly you HAMMERED them!  Looks like the oline coach and coordinator for the Fleagles need to revisit some blocking rules? and or get some better quality reps with run thru backers..we always called them sugar..and as o-line coach I taught the guys that sugar was sweet and we "kissed" the sugar run thru as you pull was of if lb was coming downhill towards you.  I though every high school oline coach knew this one but to see it blown in the LEAGUE is excuses philly oline guys oc and Mr. Chip guys are much better at Zone pull schemes...maybe find a Q that can do that?   again..Congrats Cowboys on heckuva win and great D and special teams........and how bout that Wildcat???!!
What do you know a Cowboys team that can run it with call control and still find a few explosives while playing top tier defense and special teams...sounds good to me.....get well Tony,Dez and Company this could be a long ride!