Thursday, January 7, 2010

cover 2 vs tampa 2

tell me boys, what is your #1 cover 2 beater in a balanced set and from 3x1. defense guys tell me your thoughts about tampa 2. at our level I think the idea of running tampa 2 is great, but how many high school teams have mike lb's that can run the pipe/pole/middle like wanted. i think its possible in obvious passing situations, but as a normal d/d situation I see issues with it. My favorite 2 beater is simply smash games. I think corners have got better at playing underneath the corner routes, but for my money its still a very simple read for the qb and with post tags, etc this concept is money. My #1 issue witht he smash is the qb being greedy and not taking the short throw.


  1. Balanced set or 3x1, I like verticals with Y or H on a Mike posting to the hole- if the QB can make the throw. Zero confusion play and a good blitz beater if you have athlete advantage in the 1-on-1 to the middle.

    Other than that, smashes are the best.

    I like Tampa 2 versus offenses sending up to 4 WR into patterns. If there is no 5th receiver releasing, let the OLB have strong inside leverage and alert for crosses, and let Mike help in the hole. The safeties should be able to cheat on smashes or verticals more.

    Otherwise, cover 2 is strong and can handle just about anything. I like the LBs playing interior undercoverage pattern reading #2's and #3.

  2. Smash is best. We also run double outs. We'll run TE with flanker and the flanker runs a deeper out. TE usually runs free on the out. Most OLB can't seem to lock up with TE. We'll take the short route until CB is cheating up too much. Backside we'll have a post/cross to put the deep 1/2 player in a bind if he tries to help on the deeper out.

  3. I have been a fan of Smash but do like the site adjust as they give best leverage and against 2 hi pretty easy to see. Safeties too wide and stretching to get on top of smash #2 (only the one determined with best leverage should run this inside seam while everyone else runs normal smash) splits them in hole. There is also the replacement concept that can be built in on the Smash which allows the #2 receiversa automaticall replace an inside blitzer vs. 2 high and run into the seam keeping himself "availabel" while splitting the safeties. Personally though as a line coach i loved what we did as Cisco Jr.College from the pro set. TE or flex Y split 2 high or drive 1 high safety. X and Z (remember it is pro so more sideline leverage is available)run intermediate post corners (4 step in 45 degree in break and 3 step 45 degree out break)both backs check relaeased and ran hi-lo concept shoot route or mesh if it was man under. I loved the universal concept plays with simple adjsutments because it always made it about what "we do" and not about what anybody else does so the focus could stay on our execution.

  4. I have to say my favorite is out of a 3x1 look. The 1 receiver jabs and turns to the QB. The #2 runs a 6 step corner and the #3 splits just inside the near safety. Backside is an inside release corner route and the back check releases into a shoot route into the flats. Looking forward to running this and watching the safety try to choose between the 3 and the 2 receivers.