Thursday, December 31, 2009

if you dont want to learn, go elsewhere

I am excited about this new blog. Coach Wright see things a lot of times thru the same eyes. We are both passionate about football, just like every other coach in Texas, but I guarantee you that there are not too many that have the passion to push the limits and and learn like Greg Wright. He has a great knowledge of the game of football has made me a better coach. I look forward to this blog spot making me a better coach and I hope we can throw some knowledge to others as well.


  1. Bring it ON!!
    Thanks Brother..I guess you knew i probably needed some love today!
    Feelings mutual..if we are not looking to improve and learn then what the heck are we doing..Let's talk about the game, the players,a nd how to "matriculate the old ball down the field".-Hank Stram

  2. 65 Toss Power Trap... Should pop wide open, boys.