Friday, December 25, 2009

A Coaching Retreat?

Gene Stallings

Some notes from the Lamar County and Paris High 'Bama Legend. We were very fortunate that my Mom and Dad are from Paris and coach extended the favor for my Mom Marie Wright. A great big THANK YOU to Coach Gene Stallings from the whole Denison Yellow Jacket Staff!

Philosophy vs. Methodology

I was the sucker on this deal and bit on the bait. "We believe in running the ball"is NOT a philosophy.

Zone defense vs. Man DEFENSE!

Be a technique coach and know always what technique your players are using and you are teaching and why. Everybody is an X and O coach and can win with the pencil last. Develop players that have great fundamental techniques that work for them in your scheme and it makes the game much simpler. The game is blocking, tackling, and some pitching and catching and kicking. Get better at that. Put team emphasis on getting better in good on good live super intense game situations. Zack nailed the "what do I have to give up to play "nickel defense" question. (in reference to the 49'er drive in (the catch" game where Dallas got killed with nickel runs on end hand sweeps and Charlie Waters was in coverage). Coach was merely sharing with us the valuable lesson he learned that day. Great job Zack! The correct answer was that you have to give up a force player for end run plays to put the 5th DB in the game playing "prevent nickel". Coach Stallings also re-emphasized the importance of responsibility football with the example of "forcing" wide plays. "One man to force, one man to play cutback, and one man to play the play action (fooler) pass." He emphasized that as coaches we must reiterate the importance of developing "TRUST' in each others assignments. ie. COACH-"Why are you not playing the cutback like you should? PLAYER-I was getting to the ball coach and we stopped them.COACH-Your job son is to play the cutback. If he cut the ball back you would not have been there to make the play. Do you not trust that your teammate can do his job?PLAYER- Uhhhh..END

What is a Blitz?

This is a great lead question that Coach used to prove a point. Simply put to be effective a defender can fundamentally with great technique and talent defeat a blocker or blockers to make a play on the ball. When struggling to get to the passer or the ball carrier the simplest way to "fix" this is to bring "one more defender than they can block".."that is a blitz". Point made.

  1. Marty Criswell

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  1. Blessed. Unbelievable time we got to spend with Coach Stallings. He is a legend and he was all ours for a half day. Unforgettable moments. WHAT IS YOUR PHILOSOPHY GREG?....THATS NOT A PHILOSOPHY THATS A METHOD...
    Marty Criswell. IF you are from Denison and were around in the 80's and early 90's then there is nothing you have to say but MARTY CRISWELL. I did not know what I had in a head coach until he was gone. When he left for Bryan, I was a freshman at Paris Junior College. I felt betrayed, stranded, stunned, and bewildered. How could he leave? I am lucky that I have him as a mentor along with the other men that were on his staff. Buck SMith, Jimmie Brooks, Ty Comstock, Ken Thorne, Lanny Pettit, CM Pier, Sam Smith, Doc Hess, Rayce Guess, Kyle Story. I still get to talk to these guys and what a staff they continue to be.