Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes...

Well I know some of you followers and those who stop by on occasion may be familiar with our changes here in Denison.  This past Spring Cody White (our Head Man) moved on to prestigous Brentwood Academy in Tennessee.  This move was great for him but left the staff here in Denison in a flux.  Chad Rogers replaced Coach White this Spring and changes continued on our staff.  Change is often good though sometimes difficult.  The Denison Yellow Jacket Varsity Football staff will have at least six new varsity coaches other than coach Rogers the new head man.  I  have decided to take an administrative role as assistant principal at Denison High School.  I am most blessed and honored to have been chosen for this opportunity.  I was also fortunate that Coach White hired me to begin with to give me an opportunity here in Dtown.  I am very proud of the accomplishments we had under Cody but want to throw some Oline stats at you too.  Overall record in 5 years 34 wins and 24 losses.  Two District Champs and one Semi-Final appearance.  Offensively I worked coaching the OLine.  We averaged 6.3 yards per rush over 5 years with a low of 4.3 in 2011.  We also allowed 59 sacks in 1042 attempts- About 1 sack every 17.6 attempts (this seems very avg. to me).  It is amazing to me to look back and note that it is so much about offensive efficiency and explosives also erase a lot of bad things offensively.  I am most proud of the fine young men I was privileged to coach at Denison.  Shout out to you guys going all the way back to that "07 bunch that got it together with a couple of real special young men to win a CLASSIC Battle of the Ax game in Sherman(link here  http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=battle+of+the+ax&view=detail&mid=A786412FD180CE936B56A786412FD180CE936B56&first=0).
We could not have pulled it off without the onside kick recovery at the end.  Coach White "just had a feeling" we could get it.  We had to get the ball and thank goodness we had great effort on the field goal block at the end.  What an experience! Now I want to wish good luck to Coach White and Coach Chad Rogers in their new schools.  I also want to wish all of the coaches in the transition both coming and going well.  I will of course still be rooting for the Jackets on Friday nights!    

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