Friday, December 23, 2011

Put Some Shine on Your Boots! Bootleg passes that is !

The last five years we have been predominantly a run oriented ttight end heavy 1st and 2nd down run heavy offense. Bootlegs and PAP have always been key for us to bring balance and to keep folks honest. We have been boot heavy to the point that D coordinators would squeeze us off hard to the TE side rolling down and leaving the defense with no optin but to squeeze the dragger from the backside with the FS. I am sure many of you have encountered this problem especially if you are TE and field heavy offensively and or even balanced spread field heavy. Out of the gun our basic balanced TE boot looks like the cuts above.

So there you have it. Our bootlegs were getting squeezed off and one of our responses or answers was the deep shot. Make it look the same as boot as much as possible. Max it by keeping th TE in if you need to along with the RB and look deep first. You just might catch it! Other variations might include check releasing the RB. I will follow up ;ater with some ideas for PAP out of out TE Trips package later,

Merry Christmas and Happy NewYear!


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