Monday, July 5, 2010

sluggo at its finest...

this is why wr do silly little cone drills every day. great examples of 'slamming' the foot in the ground and selling a route with your eyes. not to mention, one hell of a catch at the end. the end zone view is great.


  1. At CJC(Cisco Jr. College)under Ricky Joe Frazier (a Bill Anderson disciple)this route was called a 7-(eplanation-4 steps to in 45% break-the ouside foot was the up foot..3 steps in and 45% break back out)..the receiver does a great job in this tape of keeping grass to his advantage thusly allowing the behing the back capture of the all important pelota!

  2. Great "sticks" by the WR. Did he really catch that thing behind his back??

  3. yeah the catch is the icing on the cake. i didnt mention it, but yes greg he does do a great job of giving the qb grass to throw sonnie boy dykes would say "get covered early, to get open late."